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Hydro-Electric Power

Low Gillerthwaite Field Centre is not connected to the National Grid, our power is generated by a Pelton Turbine. Hydroelectricity systems convert the potential energy, created by downflow of rivers and streams, into kinetic energy in a turbine, which drives a generator to produce electricity. This means the system is operational 24 hours a day and is a completely green, renewable energy source that doesn’t release any harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants.

We are very grateful to the following contributors for providing grants that made it possible:

  • SDF – Lake District National Park Sustainable Development Fund

  • CSEP – BRE Community Sustainable Energy Programme

  • CWMET – Cumbria Waste Management Environment Trust

  • CCF – Copeland Community Fund

  • EDF – EDF Green Energy Fund

  • WHM – Wilmslow Half Marathon

We are also thankful to former local MP Jamie Reed, who took the time to come and ‘officially’ open our Hydro in 2011.

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